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  • Tags: anti-apartheid Declaration.jpg
Black background; title and barbed wire in red; text in white and grey 1978.jpg
Background: black; Title in white over black, top left corner; collage showing a man carrying a wounded young male, with 2 small pictures. Democracy.jpg
ANC logo on the bottom; black and white photograph of Nelson Mandela; main title in white on black background Peace.jpg
colors: orange white and blue; main text in blue; Free SA.jpg
ANC flag in background; white frame; text in bright red; black and white picture of Nelson Mandela superimposed on flag; ANC log on top; 16.jpg
Yellow background with green frame; text in green and black Nelson.jpg
Grey bacground with high contrast black image of a face and 3 lines of white barbed wire; title in red on top; text in... Klerk Stop.jpg
black and white picture or an armed man in the foreground with armored vehicles in the background, a body on the ground, soldiers and... Against Apartheid.jpg
black background; title in white left-aligned, subtitles in yellow, light blue, and pink left aligned; right alighed decorative design in pink, yellow, and light... salute.jpg
title in yellow, subtitle in green; black background; 7 pictures of leaders, 8th picture is a white rectangle; photograph of demonstrators with banner of... fights.jpg
red background; text in black; shape of South Africa with border as barbed wire
black and white photograph of a man being arrested at demonstration; text in black
backgound: black; text in gree, yellow and white; stylized picture of a crowd with weapons moving forward, the man in the center with...
background: red; 3 hand helded machine guns, respectively black, green, and yellow with b&w hands; 4 wrenches, 2 black, 1 green, 1 yellow, and...
bakground colors: black, green, yellow, and red; text in black; 2 faces on the left, one bearing a gun, columns of smole in red...
Background: white; Text in green over a collage drawing depicting a group of demonstrating individuals being kept back by the shapes of armed men....
background: white; text in black over white; picture in negative of a man sitting behind bars with hands hanging out of a gate,...
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