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International monthly report on macroeconomic performance, outreach and political risk. Business Monitor International. 2000. Africa monitor. London: Business Monitor International.

In Fusion of Cultures, Cross/Cultures 26, ANSEL Papers 2. Peter O Stummer and Christopher Balme, pp. 27-40

Conference on the Soviets in Africa in the 1980s, 1st draft, not for quotation

Bible Studies 1972.The Christian Institute of Southern Africa. Folder 56

Paper for the Soviet-American Conference on Sub-Saharan Africa, Moscow, June 26-29, 1984

From, World Marxist Review (Czechoslavakia), Sept. 1968, vol. II

Paper presented at the Planning Workshop on "Sociology of Women in Development Programmes" at Chancellor College, 16-17 February 1990

Paper presented at the Seventh Springs Center symposium on Change in Contemporary Southern Africa

Port Elizabeth: ANITEPAM, 2005.

v. 1, nos. 22, 29 (1983); v. 3, nos. 39-41 (1985)
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