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A press release from November 21, 2005, about Senator Richard Lugar's successful opposition to a proposal that would block grant the Federal Child Nutrition...

Letter written by Janeia to Senator Lugar. Janeia was being tutored by Gail Lowry, the executive director of Senator Lugar's Indiana office.

Letter from members of the Norwegian Parliament to the Norwegian Nobel Committee nominating Senators Richard Lugar and Sam Nunn for the Nobel Peace Prize...

In 1992, Senators Richard Lugar and Sam Nunn traveled to Russia and Ukraine to meet with high-level officials about the Nunn-Lugar Program. Ken Myers...

Press release from December 4, 1992: "Harvard Recognizes Lugar, Nunn for Contribution to World Peace: Lugar to Make Recommendations to Bush, Clinton on Foreign...

Internal page from a coloring book produced by the offices for Senators Richard Lugar and Dan Coats.

Back cover of a coloring book produced by the offices for Senators Richard Lugar and Dan Coats.

Portrait of Richard G. Lugar with American flag on the left side, and with a gray background.

Press release from Senator Richard G. Lugar's office. Presents "Remarks Delivered to the Open Forum of the U.S. State Department" in which Senator Lugar...

The first page of the schedule for a hearing of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry on the topic "Conservation, Wetlands and...
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