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Richard G. Lugar Speaking during his Presidential Campaign

Photograph of Richard Lugar giving a speech during his campaign to be U.S. President. Seems to have been delivered in New Hampshire.
Senate Swearing-In Ceremony

Richard Lugar being sworn in as a Senator in January 1977. Also pictured are his sons, Bob Lugar (left) and Mark Lugar (right), as...
Richard Lugar Dressed as President Dwight Eisenhower

Richard Lugar as a student at Denison University. He is dressed as Dwight Eisenhower. The inscription on the back of the photograph reads, "Denison...
Lugar Family Home

Photograph of the Lugar family home in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Tom and Richard Lugar as Children with their Mother

Tom Lugar (left) and Richard Lugar (right) sit next to their mother, Bertha Lugar, on the sofa inside what looks like a living room....
Anne, Tom, and Richard Lugar as Children

Photograph of Anne Lugar at the piano, Tom Lugar with a violin, and Richard Lugar with a cello. Inscription on the back reads: "July...
Denison University Campus Governance Association Candidates

Group photographs of candidates for the Denison University student governance body. Charlene Smeltzer (Lugar) is in the back row, fourth from the right. Richard...
Family Portrait, May 1965

Family photograph of Charlene and Richard Lugar with their four young sons. From left to right: Charlene holds David Lugar in her arms, Bob...
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