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George Washington Sharp born 1830, died 1862. Iconography of a soldier symbolizes his status as a veteran of Company G 38th Ind Vol. during the Civil War.

William C. Moore born 1845, died 1869. The iconography of the camp tents, flag, and soldier represent his status as a veteran of the Co. M. 3 Regt. Ind. Cavalry Vols during the Civil War (as noted by Montgomery).

William Fowler born 1839, died 1865. Symbols of camp tents and a hand holding a flag, in the context of the year Fowler died, could symbolize his status as a Civil War veteran.

John Thomas Allen, son of Emanuel Ford and Susan Caroline Allen. Born circa 1852? Death date not visible. Pauline Montgomery noted that this tombstone is for a child. Floral designs like rosettes can symbolize spring and rebirth.

Louisa Figg ("Mother") born 1854, died 1914. T.D. Figg ("Father") born 1839, died 1903. This is an example of a double tombstone. Symbols of wheat on tombstones can symbolize a bountiful, long-lived life. Pauline Montgomery noted that this tombstone…

Name on tombstone not visible. Born 1875. Died 1875. Dove iconography is frequently seen on tombstones. They can symbolize hope, peace, and Christian notions of souls ascending to heaven.
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