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Emery C. Raper born 1859, died 1873. Saddled ponies are not common tombstone iconography. Taking into context his age (13), this engraving may symbolize a rocking horse or horseback riding as a beloved activity. Montgomery noted an inscription at the…

Diadem ("Dama") Stevens born 1875, died 1948. This is a simple homemade stone, likely carved by her family. As of 2019 this tombstone was no longer extant. The stone has been replaced by a double tombstone memorializing Dama (inscribed "Damay" and…

George Emery Mull born 1842, died 1864. The iconography of the hand waving a flag symbolizes Mull's status as a soldier in Company H, Indiana 14th Infantry. Mull died at the Battle of Cold Harbor in Hanover County, Virginia.

George W. May born 1809, died 1859. The iconography on this tombstone represents May's status as a Freemason, a fraternal organization that dates back to 14th century stonemason guilds. The Square and Compasses (center) is the most identifiable…

Milton C. Marshall born 1899, died 1931. This tombstone features an example of a photo-ceramic insert. Ceramic tombstone pictures were invented in the mid-19th century through a process of transferring photographic images onto ceramic (usually…

Edward B. Lemon born 1817, died 1860. Weeping willows have a long history of appearing in tombstone designs. The weeping willow can symbolize the mourning and sorrow of death, as well as the biblical Tree of Life, resurrection, and life after death.…

Rosellen Dubois born 1916, died 1929. This is an example of a hand-carved tombstone, likely by her family members. The sides of the tombstone are edged in decorative scrolls. As of 2018 the homemade tombstone is no longer extant, and has been…

Thelma Fulford born 1902, died 1925. This is an example of a hand-carved tombstone, likely by her family members. Some simple floral scrolls are also inscribed. Thelma Fulford and Ida Fulford were likely siblings. According to Thelma Fulford's death…

Virgil J. Lundy born 1897, died 1918. The anchor and rope are common iconography to signify one's status in the United States Navy. Lundy died during the Spanish Influzena pandemic in a Chicago naval hospital.

This is a homemade tombstone, likely inscribed by this mother's children. No name or dates visible. The iconography of a hand with a finger pointing upward represents the Christian notion of the path towards heaven.
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