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Reprinted from Problemi Attuali di Scienza e di Cultura: Atti del convegno internazionale di Studi Etiopici, Rome, 1960.

Reprinted from African Language Studies II, 1961.

reprinted from Tubiana, Joseph, ed. Modern Ethiopia from the accession of Menilek to the present. Rotterdam: A. A. Balkema, 1980.

from: Atti del Secondo Congresso internazionale di linguistica Camito- Semitica, Firenze, 16-19 aprile 1974.

Offprint from Current Progress in Afro-Asiatic Linguistics: Papers of the Third International Hamito-Semitic Congress/ James Bynon, ed. Amsterdam; Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Co., 1984.

reprinted from W. H. Whitely, ed. Language use and social change: problems of multiligualism with special reference ro Eastern Africa. Studies presented and discussed...

Monographic Journals of the Near East, Afroasiatic Linguistics, v. 1 n. 6, Feb 1975.

Colloquium on Hamito-Semito Comparative Linguistics, London, March 1970.

Reprinted from Pragmatics and Language Learning, Monograph Series vol. 3, 1992

author's copy from Pragmatics and Language Learning, vol. 2, 1991

Preliminary draft: workshop on the workshop, June 16-18, 1994

From Atti del Secondo Congresso Internazionale di linguistica Camito-Semitica, Firenze, 16-19 aprile 1974
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