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Jacobs Holiday Celebration

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Title Jacobs Holiday Celebration
Creator Jacobs School of Music
Date December 11, 2021

Musical Arts Center
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music
Bloomington, Indiana
Contributor Sylvia McNair, host and vocals
Holiday Celebration Big Band
Brent Wallarab, director
String Academy Virtuosi
Mimi Zweig, director
Brenda Brenner, co-director
Guitar Ensemble
Daniel Duarte, director
IU Children's Choir
Brent Gualt and Julia Shaw, directors
Harp Ensemble
Elźbieta Szmyt, director
Dancers of the Ballet Department
Christian Claessens, Jack Grohmann, Sarah Wroth, choreography
Jeremy Allen, bass
David Gulyas, guitar
Pat Harbison, trumpet
Brian Mueller, marimba
Kieran Brown, voice
Maggie Kinabrew, voice
Petar Jankovic, bass
Robbie Darling, drums
Type Holiday concert


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