Theophilus Adam Wylie and Rebecca Dennis Wylie to Louisa Wylie Boisen, 17 December 1882

Theophilus Adam Wylie and Rebecca Dennis Wylie to Louisa Wylie Boisen, 17 December 1882.pdf


Theophilus Adam Wylie and Rebecca Dennis Wylie to Louisa Wylie Boisen, 17 December 1882


Theophilus Adam Wylie, Rebecca Dennis Wylie


Theophilus Adam Wylie Family Correspondence


Wylie House Museum


17 December 1882


Bloomington, Ind. Dec. 17, 1882

Dear Lou,

I received a postal from you yesterday acknowledging the receipt of the stockings for Anton but not telling me how they fit him which was the very thing I wanted to know as I have another pair of red ones ready knit for him and will send when I hear. I think they are rather larger than the blue. I also want the size of Mary's foot and then I will finish the blue ones if you want them. I finished a pair of red ones for Theo last night exactly like Anton's. We were all so sorry to hear of dear little Mamie's sickness but hope she has recovered before this. You will have to be very careful about her throat. Maggie wears a suit of buckskin over her flannel and likes it very much. How would it do to put a square of it over his chest? Arthur wrote to me to be sure and have Fannie wear a whole suit of it if she went back with Dory. I suppose Sedie gave you all the news and perhaps you have got through reading her letter by this time. She thought it might [take] you a day or two. We expect Dory and perhaps Maggie next week. Fannie writes she is perfectly well and ready and anxious to go to Dakota with him. If she will only take care of herself. Perhaps she finds it necessary. Yesterday Sedie had company for dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Hill, Mattie B, the Fee girls, a Miss Burt from Tarrytown and young Mrs. Cole. Everything went all well. We were very much pleased with your silhouettes although I think they are less like a person than a photograph. There is quite a snow on the ground and we have had quite a cold time, 11ยบ below zero. Very many persons have lost their flowers. Mine do not look very well. I had a very good letter from Rebecca Alexander. They like California very much. They have settled at Anaheim in Southern California. She says they raise grapes and make wine and raisins from them. The old lady has been quite sick but is now better. I suppose Sedie wrote you of Lizzie Norton's death. It was very sudden. She had been out shopping, went into her room on her return to the hotel. In a few minutes after, the ladies heard something fall and on going to her room found she had fallen dead. Norton was not at the South with her and Emma had just returned home a few days before. She leaves two little girls. Min Hannaman talks of going out with F if she can get any thing to do there. Henry has married again and I believe she is not very happy at home. Prof Garner was going to introduce Hermann's books in the College but on sending for them he found he could not get them in two volumes (as he wanted) so, I believe, he countermanded the order. Pa thinks they are nicer in two vol. He had lent Garner his copy (in two vol.) and he was very much pleased with them. I expect there will be a great time this winter in the Legislature about the College. Did you know Si Mellette is elected to the Legislature? Pa says tell you when he gets time he will write a long letter to you. Tell Anton I miss him very much this winter. I have been intending to write to him but have been so busy. Theo misses him too. He has found out where Grandpa keeps his dates, candies &c and helps himself. Mary must not forget Grandpa. Have they forgotten last Xtmas? I am sorry we cannot send you Xtmas gifts but your Ma [Pa, see next letter] must buy them for you instead. The dinner bell has rung and I must stop so good bye.

Your affectionate Mother

R. D. Wylie

Bloomington Dec. 18th 1882

My dear, dear Lou,

I have been very busy and have hardly had a moment to myself. I was all anxiety about the transit, but the telescope ordered didn't come and the clouds did come, allowing us only to see thru our old telescope that the transit took place according to law, after being visible for about three quarters of an hour, the malignant clouds covered the sky. I was distressed to hear from your postal of my dear little Mary's illness and am sorry to hear that Anton's cough still continues. I do wish you were all here or nearer to us! Don't let the little ones forget us. Ma has told you all the news. I enclose a P.O. order for X. Get some little things for the children and use the rest for yourself as you please.

In haste

Your affectionate Papa

T. A. W. Ma has told you about Prof Garner and the book. What a pity it is not published as the copy sent me.

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Theophilus Adam Wylie, Rebecca Dennis Wylie, “Theophilus Adam Wylie and Rebecca Dennis Wylie to Louisa Wylie Boisen, 17 December 1882,” Wylie House Exhibits, accessed September 28, 2023,

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