Theophilus Andrew “Toph/Phandy” Wylie


Theophilus Andrew “Toph/Phandy” Wylie

Birth Date

2 September 1852

Death Date

4 February 1878

Biographical Text

Theophilus Andrew Wylie, who went by “Toph” or “Phandy,” was born to Rebecca Dennis and Theophilus Wylie in Bloomington, Indiana, on 2 September 1852. He took classes at Indiana University between 1867 and 1871 and attended school in Philadelphia in 1874 and 1875. By 1876, his health was failing. He traveled to Florida in 1877 in the hopes that the climate there would help him recover, but it only made matters worse. He returned to Bloomington, Indiana, the following year and died at the Wylie House on 4 February 1878. He is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery.


Theophilus Andrew Wylie (1851-1878).jpg


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