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A paper ticket to the 1893 World's Columbian Exhibition for Louisa Boisen, judge.

Copy of a photograph of the Wylie House taken from the back. It shows the gardens and several people on the roof of the...

A view of a bed in the sick room, looking southwest from the doorway.

A view of a bed and the south wall of the boy's room.

Photograph of a woman sitting at a sewing machine. She is bent over and working some white fabric through the machine. The machine is...

Wells with his parents outside his boyhood home in Lebanon, Indiana.

A black and white photograph of Herman B. Wells seated at a desk.

RDW to LWB 8-15-1889.pdf
A letter from Rebecca Dennis Wylie to her daughter, Louisa Wylie Boisen about gardening, family health, and fabric.

MWM to LWB 1-5-1889.pdf
Letter from Margaret W. Mellette to her sister, Louisa W. Boisen about daily life, family, and Christmas.
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