Theophilus & Rebecca Wylie Family

Andrew and Margaret’s children were peers and friends of Theophilus Wylie, Andrew’s much younger cousin, and his wife Rebecca.  In an 1850 letter from China, Andrew’s daughter Maggie Wylie Martin asked her family to give her "best love to cousin Rebecca."  Theophilus and Rebecca moved into the Wylie House in 1859.


Theophilus and Rebecca had eight children. Two of those children, Susan Emma (1846-1848) and Samuel Brown II (1848-1851), died in infancy, before the family moved into the Wylie House. The other six children lived in the Wylie House at various times during the family's residency between 1859 and 1913.


Theophilus and Rebecca had ten grandchildren. All of their grandchildren visited the Wylie House while Theophilus and Rebecca lived there, and six of them grew up in the home.


Three of Theophilus and Rebecca's great-grandchildren visited their home before it was sold in 1913.

Theophilus & Rebecca Wylie Family