Wylie House Exhibits

Theophilus & Rebecca Wylie Family

The family of Andrew Wylie’s younger cousin, Theophilus, occupied the Wylie House from 1859 until 1913, and most of the museum’s archival collections contain materials that he and his descendants created or collected.  In 1912, the family gathered at the Wylie House for one final visit to celebrate the 100th birthday of Theophilus’ wife, Rebecca.  The Wylie House was incredibly important to the entire extended family.  Reba Wylie, granddaughter of Theophilus and Rebecca, wrote to her aunt Louisa that she dreamed about the house “nearly every night” after it was sold.  Click on the photographs below to learn more about Theophilus and Rebecca’s family members and their connections to the Wylie House.  Note: This page only includes family members who lived in or visited the Wylie House while Theophilus and Rebecca lived there, between 1859 and 1913.





Quotation from a letter Reba sent to Louisa about the Wylie House after it was sold.
Wylie Grandchildren

     Cousins Anton, Reba, Marie, Laurie, and Samuel IV, pictured here on the front wall and steps of the Wylie House in 1890, all grew up in the home.

Theophilus & Rebecca Wylie Family