The Call and Response: Creative Interpretations of the Wylie House exhibition is an artistic extension of the Wylie House Museum’s commitment to share the lesser-known histories of people associated with the 1835 Indiana home. Sponsored by the Arts & Humanities Council at Indiana University, Call and Response is part of Indiana Remixed, the Council's program celebrating the arts and ideas that shape Indiana today. In pursuit of narratives that tell all of our stories, the Wylie House is continuing its interpretive journey through the transformative power of contemporary art.

Meet the Artists

Click photos to learn about the professional Indiana artists who created pieces for this exhibit.

Experience the Art

Keep navigating through the pages of this virtual exhibit to learn more about visits to the artists’ studios, exhibit installation, the opening reception, and, of course, the artwork itself. 

Call and Response Virtual Tour

Take a Virtual Tour of the items exhibited in the Wylie House, courtesy of Indiana University’s Advanced Visualization Lab.

Wylie House: Contemporary Art, Marginalized Voices, Historic Spaces

Watch “Contemporary Art, Marginalized Voices, Historic Spaces,” a conversation with Wylie House Director Carey Champion.