Student Workshop and Exhibition

Student Work on Display in Education Center

Our Patterns, Bloomington on display in the Morton C. Bradley, Jr. Education Center.

Julia Fegelman Works on her Pattern

IU graphic design student, Julia Fegelman, works on her pattern.

Our Patterns, Bloomington

Student Exhibition

Drawing conceptually from work created for Natan Diacon-Furtado’s exhibit Our Patterns, The Orator, The Astronomer, and The Poet at the Wylie House Museum, BFA and MFA Graphic Design students at Indiana University communally explored their ability to create meaning and connection through design utilizing only “meaningless” scrap material. Led by Natan Diacon-Furtado the students participated in a communal act of pattern-making, and a collaborative act of meaning making. Each participant used scrap letter-press material to create one 12” x 12” graphic repeating pattern on butcher paper backing. The goal of each pattern was to create and use a visual language of their own invention to “tell” a secret.

Please refer to the diagram at the bottom of the page to identify the student artist responsible for each pattern square. 

Students Work on Their Patterns

After hearing from Diacon-Furtado, students begin work creating their own 12" x 12" patterns. 

Student Pattern in Process

Students used scraps from the IU Letterpress Studio to create their unique patterns. Here is one student pattern in progress.

Susanna Herrmann Works on her Pattern

IU graphic design student, Susanna Herrmann, pauses for a picture while working on her pattern.

Student Workshop and Exhibition