About the Project

Hermann J. Muller Portrait

Initiated as part of the Indiana University Bicentennial celebration, the “Hermann J. Muller: IU Nobelist” exhibition honors the Indiana University professor, geneticist, and activist. He is one of two Nobel laureates who were long-time faculty members at Indiana University. The other is Elinor Ostrom who received the 2009 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. The exhibition is drawn from the Muller papers at the Indiana University Lilly Library, and presents a biography of Muller together with a curated selection from the collection. The vast collection includes academic papers, popular articles, research notes, correspondence, photographs, personal items, university communications, recordings, and physical objects. A finding aid describing the Muller papers describes the collection in more detail. Consult the Lilly Library web site for current information on using the collection.

The creation of this exhibition was generously supported by the IU Office of the Bicentennial, the IU Libraries, and the Lilly Library.

Author and Curator: Evan Arnet
Exhibition Design and Implementation: William Cowan, Jessica Lynn Bigelow, and Erika Dowell
Digitization: Jody Mitchell

The author wishes to acknowledge the valuable insight and feedback of Erika Dowell, Sander Gliboff, Thom Kaufman, Michael Wade, and the members of the Indiana University History and Philosophy of Science Department. Particular thanks goes out to Helen Muller and Elof Carlson for sharing their thoughts, their time, their wealth of historical information, and their first person perspectives on Hermann J. Muller.

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