Home Movie: Shots of Flowers, circa 1929 [Kodacolor film]


Home Movie: Shots of Flowers, circa 1929 [Kodacolor film]


This film contains close-up shots of flowers, as well as other shots of greenery and botanical scenery in an unknown location. The original cardboard box that this film was housed in contains four lines of mostly-misleading handwritten labeling information, written in pencil: "TRI-DELT; Cornerstone Bertha; [illegible word]; Color." The first line, "TRI-DELT," has been crossed out. The first two lines of labeling information suggests that the box was originally intended to house a film that was made of the laying of the cornerstone during construction of a Delta Delta Delta (Tri-Delta) sorority house at Butler University in 1928. The film of the cornerstone-laying is also included in the Richard G. Lugar Home Movie collection, and it was originally housed in a very similar style of film box. A digitized copy of the Cornerstone film is linked below as a related resource. The fact that "TRI-DELT" has been crossed out suggests that someone decided to no longer house the Cornerstone film in the box, and to instead use the box to house the film seen here, which contains shots of flowers and greenery.The [illegible word] on the next line might be a more accurate descriptor of the contents of this film. However, the word truly is illegible, so what it might say remains up for interpretation. Surprisingly, the last line of labeling information - "Color" - is the least misleading. Despite the fact that this digitized copy of the film appears to be black and white, this film has been shot on Kodacolor film stock. Kodacolor was a short-lived early color film stock that was released by Kodak in 1928 and phased out by 1936 in favor of Kodachrome. Kodacolor film utilized a special tri-color lens to embed color onto microscopic lenticules, or very small lenses, on the emulsion side of the film. A similar tri-color lens filter must then be affixed to the projector in order for the film to appear in color. Without the tri-color lens, the projected film will appear in black and white, as can be seen in this digitized copy, which was captured using standard projection equipment.




Circa 1929

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Original Format

16mm Kodacolor film




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