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Mayor Richard Lugar and his family enjoying Sprites from the reviewing stand at the Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade.

Photo of Mayor Richard Lugar and his family riding in a vintage car at the Indy 500 Festival Parade in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Richard Lugar and his son Bob Lugar working in a corn field on their farm in Marion County, Indiana.

Photograph of Charlene and Richard Lugar at their wedding with their family members. Handwritten inscription on the back reads: "Wedding Sept 8 1956" and...

Family photograph of Charlene and Richard Lugar with their four young sons. From left to right: Charlene holds David Lugar in her arms, Bob...
Box26 _With_Sister_and_Brother_Musical_Instruments_v2.jpg

Photograph of Anne Lugar at the piano, Tom Lugar with a violin, and Richard Lugar with a cello. Inscription on the back reads: "July...

Tom Lugar (left) and Richard Lugar (right) sit next to their mother, Bertha Lugar, on the sofa inside what looks like a living room....

Excerpt from a lacquer disc audio recording of the award ceremony for the presentation of President John Kennedy's "E" Award for Excellence in Exporting...
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