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Campaign button with the words "Dick Lugar for Vice President" in blue lettering on a yellow background.

Back of a thank-you card sent out after Senator Lugar's 1988 re-election campaign giving voting statistics.

Photograph of Charlene Lugar and Senator Richard G. Lugar meeting with President Corazon Aquino in the Philippines.

Photograph of Senator Richard Lugar standing in front of the tally board at the Philippine elections. The votes for the different candidates are shown...

Cover of Richard G. Lugar's election packet that he received as an observer to the Philippine presidential election.

From left to right, Senate Foreign Relations Committee professional staffer William Perry; Senator Richard Lugar; Louise Hoppe, State Department; and Alberto Martinez Piedra, United...

Photograph of Richard Lugar outside of a polling station in the Philippines during the presidential elections. He is standing with a crowd of people...

Postcard for Mayor Richard Lugar's re-election, addressed to Howard and Bertha Caldwell, Lugar's mother and stepfather. Richard Lugar's handwritten note "First Election Under 'Unigov'"...
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