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First page of a presidential campaign speech delivered by Senator Richard G. Lugar in New Hampshire.

Handwritten draft of a speech delivered by Senator Richard G. Lugar in his capacity as an election observer to the 2004 Presidential election in...

Letter from President Ronald Reagan thanking Senator Richard G. Lugar for his participation as an observer to the presidential elections in the Philippines.

Cover of Special Report No. 137 prepared by the United States Department of State on the 1986 Philippine presidential election.

Cover of printed version of hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the U.S. administration's policy towards the Philippines

Button from Richard Lugar's 1976 Senate campaign. Brown and white lettering and background on a metal body. Pin across the back.

Photograph of Richard Lugar giving a speech during his campaign to be U.S. President. Seems to have been delivered in New Hampshire.

Blue bumper sticker with yellow borders and white lettering. Has an adhesive back.

A framed reproduction of a newspaper clipping. Shows photographs of Senator Richard Lugar, George H.W. Bush, and Senator Paul Laxalt. Text above the photographs...

Richard Lugar being sworn in as a Senator in January 1977. Also pictured are his sons, Bob Lugar (left) and Mark Lugar (right), as...
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