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Lefevre J. Cranstone. Near Richmond, Indiana. February 2, 1860.

Indiana History

The Lilly Library holds a variety of materials relating to the state's history including printed accounts by early visitors to Indiana, publications and manuscripts concerning the Harmony society and the community established at New Harmony in the early 19th century by Robert Owen, as well as business, political, and family papers.

Business records include the papers of the Howard Ship Yards and Dock Company from 1837-1942, the Cannelton Cotton Mill for 1851-1947, and businessman Edward A. Rumely for 1888-1965. Among the papers relating to the state's political history are those of attorney John B. Niles, Governor Samuel M. Ralston, and WPA State Administrator John K. Jennings.

Indiana is well represented pictorially in the Lefevre Cranstone wash drawings executed in 1859 and 1860, and in the Frank Hohenberger photographic collection which records daily life in southern Indiana during the second quarter of this century.

Online Exhibit: The Works Projects Adminstration in Indiana.
This exhibit is based upon materials from the Jennings manuscripts.

The Indiana University Digital Library Program: The Frank M. Hohenberger Photograph Collection.
A selection of photographs from the Hohenberger manuscripts.

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Top: Lefevre J. Cranstone. Near Richmond, Indiana. February 2, 1860.