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Game of the Book of Books
Game of the Book of Books. Chicago: W. J. Hosmer, 1887.

Educational games, such as geography, presidents, history, and religion, were played to reinforce young learners' education.

The Bible has always been a classic topic. No less than four biblical card games are in the library's collection.

The Game of the Book of Books is a somewhat more involved matching game than others featured throughout this exhibit. The cards list various figures and events from the Old and New Testament. Players must acquire cards from the same categories to win the game.

Game of the Book of Books cards
Game of the Book of Books cards


Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse - Durer
Albrecht Dürer. Apocalipsis cum Figuris [Apocalypse with Figures]. Nuremberg: Albrecht Dürer, 1498.

Albrecht Dürer was one of the most important figures in Northern Renaissance art, famous for his oil landscapes, self–portraits, and revolutionary work with woodcuts.

This classic image from the 'Book of Revelation' is from Dürer's Apocalypse cycle of woodcuts, created at a time when all of Europe anticipated The Last Judgment in the year 1500.

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