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Words of four Syllables.

A-mi-a-ble mem-o-ra-ble
cat-er-pil-lar nat-ur-al-ly
dan-ger-ous-ly par-don-a-ble
ex-cel-len-cy rea-son-a-ble
feb-ru-a-ry sanc-tu-a-ry
gen-er-al-ly sol-i-ta-ry
hab-it-a-ble tes-ti-mo-ny
im-i-ta-ble val-u-a-ble
lib-er-al-ly vol-un-ta-ry
lu-mi-na-ry whim-si-cal-ly

Words of five Syllables.

Ac-a-dem-ic-al lib-er-al-ity
ac-ci-dent-al-ly min-is-te-ri-al
cer-e-mo-ni-al non-con-form-ity
con-sti-tu-tion-al op-por-tu-ni-ty
dis-a-gree-a-ble per-pen-dic-u-lar
e-van-gel-ic-al reg-u-lar-i-ty
ev-er-last-ing-ly sen-si-bil-i-ty
gen-e-ros-i-ty tes-ti-mo-ni-al
hyp-o-crit-ic-al un-re-gen-er-ate
im-mor-tal-i-ty vol-a-til-i-ty


Much of the Primer is a religious text; this can even be seen in the selection of words that students were taught. For example, in the "Words of Five Syllables", we see "ceremonial", "evangelical", "everlastingly", "immortality", "ministerial", "nonconformity", "testimonial", and "unregenerate".

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