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Words of three Syllables, accented on the first.

Ad-mi-ral faith-ful-ly
av-a-rice fol-low-er
boun-ti-ful glo-ri-fy
but-ter-fly grat-i-fy
cal-i-co hap-pi-ness
ca-pa-ble ho-li-ness
du-ra-ble in-dus-try
du-ti-ful in-fa-my
ex-er-cise in-ward-ly

Words of three Syllables, accented on the 2d.

A-band-don no-vem-ber
be-hav-iour oc-ca-sion
con-tin-ue pre-cep-tor
do-mes-tic re-cov-er
for-get-ful sal-va-tion
gi-gan-tic sur-viv-or
he-ro-ic tor-men-tor
im-mor-tal un-com-mon
ma-jes-tic un-pleas-ant


At the beginning of the nineteenth century, there was a concerted effort by Noah Webster and others to create a distinctively American English. However, even early nineteenth century editions of the Primer, such as this one, tend to use British spellings (e.g. "behaviour").

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