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Words of two Syllables, accented on the first.

Ad-der i-dol par-don
be-ing joy-ful ques-tion
cru-el keep-er ru-in
de-cent lad-der sto-ry
end-less mod-el ta-ble
emp-ty na-ked un-to
fa-mous no-ble val-ley
glo-ry on-ly wis-dom
hap-py or-der zeal-ous

Words of two Syllables, accented on the last.

ap-ply ja-pan re-gret
be-hold la-ment sa-lute
ca-nal mam-ma se-cure
de-lude main-tain trans-late
en-dear o-bey u-nite
for-bid ob-tain ven-dee
gen-teel pa-pa where-as
hu-mane per-haps with-al
in-dite re-duce with-out

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