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Dr. Watts's Cradle Hymn

See the kinder shepherds round him,
  Telling wonders from the sky;
There they sought him, there they found him,
  With his virgin mother by.
See the lovely babe a dressing,
  Lovely infant! how he smil'd!
When he wept, his mother's blessing
  Sooth'd and hush'd the holy child.
Lo! he slumbers in a manger,
  Where the horned oxen fed!
Peace, my darling, here's no danger,
  Here's no ox a near thy bed.
'Twas to save thee, child, for dying,
  Save my dear from burning flame,
Bitter groans and endless crying,
  That thy blest Redeemer came.
May'st thou live to know and fear him,
  Trust and love him all thy days!
Then go dwell forever near him,
  See his face, and sing his praise.
I could give thee thousand kisses,
  Hoping what I most desire;
Not a mother's fondest wishes
  Can to greater joys aspire.


"A Cradle Hymn" was first published in Isaac Watts' Divine Songs Attempted in Easy Language for the Use of Children in 1715. However, it was not added to the Primer until the middle of the eighteenth century, when the book was revised and made more evangelical during the First Great Awakening.

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