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[Verses for little Children]

Give me truth faith in Christ my Lord,
Obedience to his holy word:
No word is, in this world, like thine;
There's none so pure, sweet and divine;
From thence let me thy will behold,
And love thy word above fine gold.
Make my heart in thy statutes found,
And make my faith and love abound:
Lord, circumcise my heart to love thee,
And nothing in this world above thee.
Let me behold thy pleased face,
And make my soul to grow in grace,
And in the knowledge of the Lord
And Saviour Christ, and of his world.

Dr. Watts's Cradle Hymn.

Hush, my dear, lie still and slumber;
  Holy angels guard thy bed;
Heav'nly blessings, without number,
  Gently falling on thy head.
Sleep, my babe, thy food and raiment,
  House and home thy friends provide,
All without thy care or payment,
  All thy wants are well supply'd.


"Verses for little Children" is by Nathaniel Crouch and was first added to the New England Primer in 1735. "A Cradle Hymn" was first published in Isaac Watts' Divine Songs Attempted in Easy Language for the Use of Children in 1715. However, "A Cradle Hymn" was not added to the Primer until the middle of the eighteenth century, when the book was revised and made more evangelical during the First Great Awakening.

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