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Verses for little Children

He serv'd the Lord, liv'd undefil'd;
Him in his service God employ'd
While Eli's wicked children dy'd.
When wicked children, mocking, said,
To a good man, Go up, bald head;
God was displeas'd with them, and sent
Two bears which them in pieces rent.
I must not, like these children vile,
Displease my God, myself defile;
Like young Abijah, I must see
That good things may be found in me.
Young king Josiah, that blest youth,
He fought the Lord and lov'd the truth;
He like a king did act his part,
And follow'd God with all his heart.
The little children they did sing
Hosannas to their heavenly King.
That blessed child, young Timothy,
Did learn God's word most heedfully.
It seem'd to be his recreation,
Which made him wise unto salvation,
By faith in Christ which he had gain'd,
As God's free gift, with love unfeign'd.
These good examples were for me;
Like these good children I must be.


"Verses for little Children" is by Nathaniel Crouch and was first added to the New England Primer in 1735.

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