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Verses for little Children

He gives me bread, and milk, and mean,
And all I have that's good to eat.
When I am sick, he, if he please,
Can make me well, and give me ease.
He gives me sleep and quiet rest,
Whereby my body is refresh'd.
The Lord is good and kind to me,
And very thankful I must be.
I must not sin, as many do,
Lest I lie down in sorrow too:
For God is angry ev'ry day
With wicked ones who go astray.
From sinful words I must refrain;
I must not take God's name in vain;
I must not work, I must not play
Upon God's holy Sabbath day:
And if my parents speak the word,
I must obey them in the Lord:
Nor steal, nor lie, nor waste my days
In idle tales and foolish plays.
I must obey my Lord's commands,
Do something with my little hands;
Remember my Creator now,
In youth, while time will it allow.
Young Samuel, that little child,


"Verses for little Children" is by Nathaniel Crouch and was first added to the New England Primer in 1735.

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