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Verses for little Children

THOUGH I am young, a little one,
If I can speak and go alone,
Then I must learn to know the Lord,
And learn to read his holy word.
'Tis time to seek to God, and pray
For what I want for ev'ry day:
I have a precious soul to save,
And I a mortal body have.
Though I am young, yet I may die
And hasten to eternity;
There is a dreadful fiery hell,
Where wicked ones must always dwell:
There is a heaven full of joy,
Where godly ones shall always stay;
To one of these my soul must fly
As in a moment when I die.
When God who made me calls me home,
I must not stay, I must be gone:
He gives me life, and gives me breath,
And he can save my soul from death,
By Jesus Christ, my only Lord,
According to his holy word.
He clothes my back, and keeps me warm
He saves my bones and flesh from harm.


"Verses for little Children" is by Nathaniel Crouch and was first added to the New England Primer in 1735.

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