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[An Evening Hymn]

But how my childhood runs to waste!
  My sins, how great their sum!
Lord, give me pardon for the past,
  And strength for days to come.
I lay my body down to sleep,
  Let angels guard my head;
And thro' the hours of darkness keep
  Their watch about my bed.
With cheerful heart I close my eyes,
  Since thou wilt not remove;
And in the morning let me rise,
  Rejoicing in thy love.

Duty to God and our Neighbour.

LOVE God with all your soul and strength,
  With all your heart and mind,
And love your neighbour as yourself;
  Be faithful, just and kind.
Deal with another as you'd have
  Another deal with you:
What you're unwilling to receive,
  Be sure you never do.


"Duty to God and our Neighbour" was first published in Isaac Watts' Divine Songs Attempted in Easy Language for the Use of Children in 1715.

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