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Human Frailty.

OUR days begin with trouble here,
  Our life is but a span;
And cruel death is always near;
  So frail a thing is man!
Believe in Jesus Christ while young
  Then when thou com'st to die,
Thou shalt sing forth that pleasant song,
  "Death, where's thy victory?"

Uncertainty of Life.

IN the burying place may see
  Graves shorter there than I;
From death's arrest no age is free,
  Young children too may die,
My God, may such an awful sight
  Awakening be to me!
O! that by early grace I might
  For death prepared be.

Learn these four Lines by Heart.

HAVE communion with few,
Be intimate with ONE;
Deal justly with all,
Speak evil of none.


The authors of the above poems are unknown.

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