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Acknowledgments and Contact

This web exhibit is based on “Walt Whitman at the Lilly:  Songs of Himself,” which was on display in the Lincoln Room of the Lilly Library, Indiana University Bloomington, during September 2011.  Thanks are due to Becky Cape, Lori Dekydtspotter, David Frasier, Breon Mitchell, and Isabel Planton for helping me compile the exhibit.   Michael McGerr advised me on the Civil War items.  The exhibit was set up by Jessi Steiner and Jim Canary, to whose vision and extraordinary professionalism I am deeply indebted.

"Walt Whitman at the Lilly" was designed and written by Christoph Irmscher, Indiana University Bloomington,  His personal website is at  

All the photography was made by Zach Downey, The Lilly Library, Bloomington.

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Acknowledgments and Contact