Project History

The Televised Opera and Musical Comedy Database started as a set of records in the IMZ database, and subsequently published in Opera on Screen (IMZ: Vienna, l994). The IMZ (International Music + Media Center, Vienna), is an organization of leading broadcasters, producers and distributors of performing arts programs serving the international music/media community through an active program of screenings, competitions and related events. As the database grew in size and complexity it became apparent that the project could be more efficiently managed if based at Indiana University. In 2002 the Indiana University Libraries undertook the support and administrative and technical guidance of the database. Some records in this database appear, but in abridged form, in the IMZ database.

About the Database

The database describes complete, abridged, and excerpted nationally and regionally distributed TV productions of operas, operettas, and musicals produced in the United States. Shows containing less than a scene portion or extended excerpt are not listed. Taking Carmen as an example; a complete production on Live From the Met, a half hour abridged version on Opera Cameos, and a scene on Toast of the Town would be included. An episode of The Voice of Firestone featuring only the "Toreador Song" would not. Musicals are treated similarly. In addition, the database contains a representation of performance documentaries, revues, staged or visualized oratorios and cantatas, animated musical films, plays with music, local broadcasts, international productions and co-productions with significant U.S. input, and programs of special or historic interest.

The database is an on-going research project. Records will be added and existing records enhanced as new information becomes available.

Project Contributors

With general project support from: