What is Letters to Ourselves: A2632022 Water Epistles?

Letters to Ourselves: A2632022 Water Epistles is the final class project for the fall 2022 A263 Contemporary Social Issues in the African American Community (A263). It is the first collaboration between A263, the Land Wealth, and Liberation (LWL) digital archive, and Civic Imagination Stations (CIS). 

A263 is an undergraduate class offered through the Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies, LWL is hosted by the IU Libraries, and CIS is an American Library Association (ALA) pilot program.

The final class project was originally conceived as a series of individual “epistles” or letters from students to their future selves in the 22nd century, and written over several decades. Thanks, however, to this collaboration the final form of Letters to Ourselves is a multi-media community letter of diverse voices and forms that provide histories, challenges, dreams, and – most importantly – possible solutions for water issues in Black and Brown communities in the United States.

We thank you for taking the time with our projects, and for finding ways to create your own solutions to the water crisis.

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