Lowrie McGeary


            My name is Lowrie McGeary. I was born in Florida but lived in Indiana for my childhood, and then moved back to Florida during middle and high school. I am currently a freshman studying Journalism at Indiana University. I come from a large family, with five siblings, me being the youngest. Outside of school, I like to read and listen to music. I also value my time with friends and family. After I graduate from college and get my bachelor’s degree, I hope to work as a news reporter.

Project Summary

            I wanted to base my project upon my personal relationships to water, based upon the geographical places I have lived. While also maintaining the connection between these places, water, and the African American Community. I decided to focus my content on Florida and Indiana and wanted to share a history of some of the water crises issues in these states. I connected water to both me, the state, and African American communities. All of these subjects are slightly different, since I am not personally connected to the issues related to African Americans, so I made sure to separate the content. I started my project by doing research on both of these states and some of their personal issues and histories with water. I used both the articles we analyzed and developed upon in this class, as well as sources from Google and the university databases. I then gathered all of my research and organized it into respective categories. For my personal connection to this project, I took time to reflect and think about how I was affected and impacted by water in both of these places and reviewed the things that I witnessed throughout my life that related to water. I decided to use ArcGIS Story Maps to create my project because I felt the most comfortable using it to design a webpage, and I like how I could include a digital map feature since I am highlighting geography in my conversation throughout the project. My anticipated audience for this project is anyone who cares about water, and how it affects us all both personally, and throughout our communities. I think my project specifically emphasizes how no matter where you live, there are people close by who are suffering from issues and complications with water.

Personal Relationship to water

            My personal relationship to water is one that is connected to the places I have lived. When I lived in Indiana as a child, I would spend hours exploring through creeks and lakes and streams, and water was where I learned to appreciate nature and life. And then when I moved to Florida, I was even more surrounded by water. Living in a rainy state with oceans all around me, water was a daily part of my life. This was not always a good thing though, because hurricanes and flooding recently wrecked my hometown. I have a unique perception of water as both important and essential to life, but it also has the ability to destroy. It is an objective being that you cannot control and should never be underestimated.

Photo that represents water for me

Thoughts on Pumzi

            My first time seeing Pumzi, I was too focused on the newness of it to really pay attention to some of the meaning and small details. I really loved the way it was filmed and thought it was a fantastic short film. After seeing it, I thought about it more and more and loved how much it connected to our life now and our relationship to water and regulations. Then when we watched it again, in the classroom setting, I took the time to pay attention to the small details and found more things to love. One of the big things I noticed on my second viewing was the inclusion of pollution despite the facility being called “waste free”. It really connected to some things I see in our life now, and how people deal with environmental issues. I think this film can provide us with a warning as to what’s to come if we continue to disregard our connection and reliance on safe, clean water.

Indiana and Florida Racial Waters © 2022 by Lowrie McGeary is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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