Jenna Willis

Hi, my name is Jenna Willis. I am currently a freshman at Indiana University majoring in Psychology. To me, water means beauty and life. Water is the root of all life, and all life is beautiful. My relationship with water is that of a good one. I feel safe when in the water, whether it be in a pool, lake, or otherwise. I feel relaxed, at home, and at peace with myself. I have always loved the water since I was young but now that I know how much water truly means, my relationship is even stronger.


My project is titled “Brazil’s Water Crisis: Steps to Solving” and is a combination of information about Brazil’s water crisis, stories from families experiencing the water crisis and how they resolved their issues, and steps everyone can take to help those countries in need. To complete my project, I used Google to research the information I needed, and Story Maps to assemble my information into what is now my project. My target audience was those who want to learn about water crises and how they can help. I want my project to reach those who want to help those families in need.

To start my project, I asked myself 3 questions. What are some examples of water crises being solved? What steps were taken in those situations? How can we learn from those stories? By asking and answering these questions, I wanted to show that it is possible to come back and resolve a water crisis. This is how I came to research Brazil. They have been in a water crisis for years, and there are organizations helping families come back from their struggles. These families’ stories show that people can solve their water sanitation and access issues.

I think that Pumzi is a wonderful film to show the true impact that water crises have on communities. It shows just how bad our planet will be if we don’t start taking steps now to reduce that possibility. When I first watched Pumzi, I was a little confused as to what was happening. Since there wasn’t much dialogue, it was a bit hard to understand what was truly happening. But after we discussed it as a class, I understood the true meaning of the film. Then when we watched it a second time, I could really see the connection between the film and the water crises we have learned about. I think what we need to take away from this film is we need to start being water conscious now, before its too late to recover.

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