How Do I Teach?

My pedagogical approach is contemplative, emergent, and student-centered. I invite students to reflect on their learning and I allow that learning to adjust how each day of class proceeds. That means that each day we give ourselves the time and space to integrate what we have learned and,  if necessary, question what we have learned based on our own experiences and new knowledge. To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to speak without judgement or pressure, the first week of class we create community agreements that remind us of how we want to be treated and heard throughout the semester.

The collaboration with librarians Willa Tavernier and Deloice Holliday was a great opportunity to practice all of these approaches that welcome students to trust their previous and growing knowledge in the classroom. In addition, working with Vanessa Elias from the Institute for Digital Arts & Humanity staff, and with Dhakir Abdullaha 2022-2023 fellow with the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance Collaboratory (HASTAC) program.

Teaching and learning in this way can be challenging if you are unaccustomed to being like water: fluid and flowing, going where there is an opening. But it is also fun. To that end, even with such a heavy subject, we found many reasons to laugh and to share what we love about water.

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