Core Team

Willa Tavernier - Project Lead  

Ursula Romero  - Research Editor and Project Manager for Timelines

DeLoice Holliday - Research Lead on Black Wall Streets   

Christina Jones - Research Editor & Project Manager for Resources for Educators 


nicholae clineScott LibsonNick Homenda |


Mary Mellon | Theresa Quill | Heather Sloan | Ashley Ahlbrand | Mireille Djenno | Dina Kellams

Awesome Student Team

MarQuis Bullock, LIS, Luddy School - Lead Research Assistant

Savannah Price, History & Gender Studies - Research Intern

April M. Urban, PhD , LIS, Luddy School - Research Assistant

Apoorva Chikara, O'Neill School - Research Assistant

Rihona Bing-English, School of Social Work - Research Assistant

Abby Martin, School of Education - Developer, Primary Source Lesson Plans

Anna Long , School of Education - Developer, Primary Source Lesson Plans


Special Thanks to: 

Ruth Lilly Dean of Libraries Diane Dallis-Comentale, Associate Dean for Research & Learning Erin Ellis, Head of Scholarly Communication Karen Stoll-Farrell, Mara Bernstein, Sarah Carter, Edwin Cheek, Amy Cope, Michelle Crowe, Alyssa Denneler, Darla Guinn, Anne Haines, Melissa Harding, and Nazareth Pantaloni III.

The support of the Institute of Digital Arts and Humanities, and Digital Initiatives Librarian Nick Homenda was invaluable to this project.

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