Clifton Rucker

Watching it for the first time, I quickly saw how powerful water really is to a society. The influence was so great that it resulted in an entire war. After watching it the second time, it left me wondering if the water war had actually ended at this point. People were mindlessly following these commands that had been given, living under strict and hard rule, amongst many other things. After realizing what was outside the deserted area, I asked both times why they chose to separate themselves? It wasn’t until later that I thought they were still at war and the character receiving the dirt was only an act of that continuing war.


Both viewings allowed me to evaluate how we can stay away from this path. It is a complete mystery what happened or what led to this result, but I believe now that that was the point. It’s so we can truly think about the path that we are on now to prevent this from happening. The way we manage and think about our water has to change now.

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