Brianne Jones

My name is Brianne Jones and I am currently in my fourth year of undergrad here at Indiana University. My major is Sociology with my soon to be minor of African American and African Diaspora Studies. I was born in Harvey, Illinois and soon moved to Kokomo, Indiana where my parents wanted their five children to attend school. Which brings me right back to today. 

Relationship to Water

My personal relationship with water is good I would say. Although it is terrifying in big amounts, water does so much for me. It keeps me hydrated and most importantly clean. In recent weeks I would say my relationship has even improved as I have implemented some things from this class into my life. Things like shorter showers, turning the sink off when water is not needed and only using what’s necessary. Water is life. 


My project is titled “Water and I” and that’s exactly what it will be about. I will be going through my experiences with water from when I was a child up until now. Explaining my feelings and interactions with water and how they’ve shaped me. Explaining what it was that I went through in their actual terms and bringing attention to the problems Black and brown bodies go through. My method will be to start with my story and incorporate these things. I wanted to make it more interesting for readers, so it wasn’t just like reading a long paper but visualizing these things as well. I used Microsoft Sway to complete this. As for my anticipated audience, I would hope anyone can find some use in this, whether it be learning about the lives of others and their experiences, how they can cut down water usage, the problems that these communities face, and how the future might look trying to solve these issues.  


 Punzi, to me, was very interesting. Thinking back to when I first watched it, I was kind of confused. I guess because I didn't know what to expect, I wasnt't expecting what actually happened. I took it as a very deep story as to me it seemed she gave her life to make sure she could plant this tree. In a society where they have gone to the extent of using people to power the city and everything from the sweat they produce to the urine they excrete is filtered out and given back to the people for drinking etc. You would think they would want to make the kind of breakthrough she was telling them about so it seemed odd to me they would deny her exit of the city. The second time watching I still had these thoughts, but it allowed me to think deeper. As people say, "we are water". Since it makes up most of our body composition, I saw that as the water was calling her because it is her, and that;s the reason they take dream suppressants. Maybe I'm making it deeper than it needs to be. But this offers us a take on what it would and may be like if all of our water resources run dry. Just like that woman, I too would think planting that seed was worth doing if it had gotten to that point in the world. 

Water and I © 2022 by Brianne Jones is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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