Aminata Diaby

When I was first introduced to Pumzi it was presented as an assignment we had to do which included one to watch the film for a class discussion. During that time I did not have the knowledge from the course and was lost in the short film during my first viewing . My first reaction to Pumzi was “this is something different and something I would have not watched on my own”, I continued watching Pumzi the first time and my interpretation from the beginning of the course and understanding of Pumzi drastically changed over the course. My initial interpretation of the film was very vague , it was hard to understand and try to interpret, but to me, it was a film demonstrating excessive reform. As the course progressed, we were instructed to view Pumzi a second time after going through the course and gaining knowledge on water and its identities, value and strength. After re-watching Pumzi it made sense on how this film was illustrated to show the gross reality of the limit of water. The message given from Pumzi helps one understand the ideas of a water war and the effects it would have on our community. 

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