Sammy Nance


My name is Sammy Nance! I am a junior at IU studying journalism and photography. I am from Campbellsburg, IN. I took this course to learn more about water! I am a photographer and I really enjoy learning more about environmental issues. I was drawn to this course because I felt like I had never taken a class like it. 


Project Summary

In my project I discuss water issues in Bloomington, IN, covering the past and present. In the fall of 2022 Bloomington’s water had a musty taste due to algae. In the early 1900s Bloomington went through a water crisis and IU had to build their own water source. Then there are a series of questions asking what you would do without water as an African American student at IU in the early 1900s. 

To complete this project I did research on these specific water issues and what it was like to be an African American student in the early 1900s. I interviewed people and used IU resources to gather information. I used different kinds of technology. I used a DSLR camera to capture images of University Lake. I also used a survey program called Qualtrics to create my questionnaire. My anticipated audience is everyone! I wanted to make this information accessible and easy to understand. I added in photos and different engaging facts to keep the audience engaged. I also added the questionnaire at the end so that anyone could understand what it may have been like during the water scarcity in the early 1900s.

Personal Relationship with Water

I love water! I enjoy listening to it. I think it can bring a calming presence and help me relax. I have always had stable access to clean water and I feel very grateful for that. I learned a lot from this class and hope to continue learning more in the future.

University Lake - Sammy Nance

This is an image the represents water to me. I took this photo at University Lake. I like how this water source was built out of necessity, but now it is used for research. Water is always useful.


When watching Pumzi the first time I took it very literally. I remember having the idea that in the film water is used as currency. That is an idea that I have carried with me. This can also be true in the real world. After the last time I viewed Pumzi I tried to look at it more abstractly. I thought more about what the final scene meant. Was she that close to a safe haven or is it showing the future because her tree lived? Maybe you aren’t always supposed to understand exactly what is happening but to question and determine it yourself.

What Would You Do Without Water © 2022 by Sammy Nance is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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