Max Zakman

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Water to me gives me a sense of relaxation and brings me to a calm state of mind. I find anytime I or anyone else I have seen is always in a good mood around water. I think water has a deep connection with humans which is why we are so attracted to it. My personal relationship with water would root from vacations with my grandparents. We would always go to Kentucky lake, my grandfather's favorite place in the world. He was a very peaceful person and loved to fish. Seeing him relaxed by the water and smiling is a great memory that always makes me smile. Whenever I see a nice lake or body of water, I instintly think of my memories with my grandparents.

Bio:  My name is Max Zakman, I am from Northwest Indiana about 25 minutes from Lake Michigan. I am studying Business Management and will graduate in 2023. I look forward to helping people once graduating and spreading positivity throughout my work. 

Project Summary: my partner's and my project is displayed through Powerpoint. The project assigned to my partner and I was to assess racial disparities in cities such as Indianapolis, (IN) and Jackson, (MS) and explain how they could have impacts on things such as having safe drinking water and easily affordable access to water, how  these dispartities they could lead to enviromental problems, and among other things, financial problems.  The main audience I have written for is anyone willing to learn about racial discrimination by policy makers and how it can effect peoples lives years down the road and those willing to understand how mistakes of the past can help lead to the answers to problems in the future. It is an simple presentation yet with enough information to educate someone about the topic. My portion  focused on redlining in Indianapolis and started with Indiana Avenue.  This thriviing black community, like many colored communities around this time, had been graded "D- Hazardous" by the HOLC (Home Owner Loan Corporation). In a city that in the 1920's had its Governer, and Mayor as recognized members of the Ku Klux Klan it was hard for black communities to stay afloat. The redlining done in the city of Indianapolis would have everlasting effects on the city and its people, but especially the black community. I refer to multiple studies that correlate inhabitants of previously redlined areas to lower annual income, much higher health risks, and higher polluted air and water.  I conclude with some ideas of how to fix this problem but note that the most important thing about mistakes is learning from them and making sure that something like redlining or racial disparity will not be a thought of local or state policy makers in the future. 

My first time watching Pumzi I remember not understanding much of the meaning of the movie or the message. I think being educated on the scary reality of real water issues in today's world made me realize the message. I think the second time around I understood more of what the movie was trying to relay. I believe  that in many ways they show that if we are to keep on the track of our current water situation, that is our destiny.  Also, the importance of water and to truly understand just how important water is in our daily lives is a important message of the film . 


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