Last Run of Stage Coach through Hardinsburg, Indiana


Last Run of Stage Coach through Hardinsburg, Indiana


According to notes that accompany this photograph, the image shows the last run of a stage coach (through Hardinsburg, Indiana) on the "New Albany - Vincennes Toll Road" whose corporation President was Ike Layden. The stage coach is stopped in front of the home and medical office of Dr. Marquis Lafayette Bosley (1844-1885). The building was the original Odd Fellows lodge. The "FLT" seen near the top of the building stands for "Friendship, Love and Truth" which were guides that Odd Fellows members were to live by.

Ben H. Bosley (five to six year old son of Dr. Bosley is blurred, but standing to right of lead horse and is said to be holding the reins), Sanford McIntosh (Storekeeper, but unclear if he is in this image), Miller (stagecoach driver wearing white shirt), Billy Hoffman (passenger inside stagecoach), Paris Wellman (tall man at center).


ca. 1886


Still Image


Photo ID Number: P0031351


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