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Newspaper article describing the assembly of thousands of IU students in recognition of the nationwide Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam. The demonstration stayed largely peaceful throughout, although there were some windows broken in Rawles Hall…
Newspaper photograph depicting protesters struggling to enter business school office during protest against Dow Chemical recruitment.

Taken from IU Archives' reference file "Student Demonstrations - Dow Chemical."
Brief journal article describing a faculty "walk in" in support of IU President Stahr's disciplinary action against the Dow Chemical protesters.

Taken from the IU Archives' reference file "Student Demonstrations 1967-1968 (Incl. Dow/Rusk)."
Newspaper brief describing the results of the trial of seven individuals involved in the Ballantine lock-in two years earlier. All defendants were found not guilty of the charge of "Rout," a misdemeanor offense originally devised to curtail the…
Newspaper editorial applauding the peaceful nature of and productive discussions that resulted from the Ballantine lock-in.

Taken from the IU Archives' reference file "Student Demonstrations Jan/June 1969."
Newspaper article describing the events of the night of May 8, 1969. That night over 100 African-American students "locked in" student leaders and administrators in Ballantine Hall to force serious discussion of the fee hikes planned for the…
Flyer distributed at Dunn Meadow during the 1969 class boycott stating the protesters' demands and affirming their peaceful intentions.

Taken from the IU Archives' reference file "Student Demonstrations - IU Campus - May 1969."
Newspaper article describing a press conference where student leaders spoke about the recent suspension of IU TA Joel Allen for "professional misconduct." The IU administration declined to elaborate on the exact nature of the misconduct.

Taken from…
Newspaper article describing fights sparked by anti-Cuban blockade protest.

Taken from the IU Archives' reference file "Student Demonstrations - Cuba."
Flyer distributed by The Committee to End the War in Vietnam, a student group involved in a number of anti-war protests at IU. The flyer provides suggestions on how people should protest during Secretary of State Dean Rusk's speech. Taken from…
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