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J. Gus Liebenow was born in Berwyn, Illinois and joined the Department of Government (later the Department of Political Science) in 1958 after earning a Ph.D. in political science at Northwestern University, where he studied with Melville J.…
Newspaper article describing the IU Faculty Council's decision to support the students' right to peaceful protest on the upcoming Vietnam Moratorium Day. In light of past events when students had faced punishment for "disrupting campus activities"…
Statement issued by faculty members and administrators who were present during the Ballantine Lock-in. They state that at no time was violence threatened against them, and the meeting was in fact beneficial for all parties.

Taken from the IU…
Newspaper article discussing both the faculty plea for funds to rebuild The Black Market, and the ongoing police investigation into the firebombing of The Black Market, which occurred on December 26, 1968.

Taken from IU Archives' reference file…
Statement issued by the Indiana University chapter of the American Association of University Professors expressing shock and dismay over the firebombing of The Black Market.

Taken from IU Archives' reference file "Black Market Fire - Dec. 26, 1968."
Circular soliciting donations from faculty members to help out the owners of The Black Market in the wake of its firebombing.

Taken from IU Archives' reference file "Black Market Fire - Dec. 26, 1968."
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