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IU's first Mexican student
Statement issued by the Indiana University chapter of the American Association of University Professors expressing shock and dismay over the firebombing of The Black Market.

Taken from IU Archives' reference file "Black Market Fire - Dec. 26, 1968."
Deposition taken from a student describing the specific order of events during the Dow Chemical sit-in. Depositions such as this were submitted to a variety of campus authorities by concerned student groups in order to bring focus to what theā€¦
A personal letter of reflection, written on May 5, 1970, the night before the main student rally at Indiana University. The writer shows concern for the coming day, concerns stemming from the Kent State Shootings on May 4, 1970.
Photograph depicting Clarence "Rollo" Turner and other black students speaking to press during the 1968 Little 500 Sit-in. Few photographs of the event have survived. Taken from the 1969 Arbutus.
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