IU Student Life and Culture in the 19th Century

What was it like to be an IU student in the 19th century?  What courses were available?  How much did tuition cost?  What did students do outside of class? Where did students live?  What did the campus and the town of Bloomington look like? This on-line exhibit was created to provide some answers to these questions.

The exhibit is divided into 9 sections.  The first 4 sections - location of campus, student and faculty popluation, women at IU, and traveling to IU - offer insights into the infrastructure and the size and composition of the campus.  The section on curriculum focuses on class content, and the section on tuition and other expenses provides information what it cost a student to attend IU. Finally, the last 3 exhibit sections focus on the life of the student outside the class, including involvement in social clubs and intramural sports.

The records displayed in the exhibit come from the Indiana University Archives and consist of photos and various types of textual records, including newspaper articles, broadsides, catalogs, programs and publications.  Of course, this exhibit includes only a sample of the records relating to student life available in the IU Archives.  Links to collections that provide more detail on 19th century student life can be found in the exhibit pages listed below. If you do not find references to what you are looking for, please contact the Archives at archives@indiana.edu or at (812)-855-1127.