IU Student Traditions

This exhibit hightlights some of the important student traditions at Indiana University. All but one of these traditions (the Well House) have died away.  A few of these traditions lasted only a few years (Book Nook Commencement) or one or two decades (Panthygatric Dance), but most survived for many decades, and in their time and while they thrived, all of these IU traditions were important activities in many students' lives. In this exhibit we strive to provide you with some basic historical information on each tradition, and then by means of photos and documents to offer some glimpses and insights into the very nature and character of the tradition.  We have attempted to present these traditions in chronological order.  Because it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint exactly when a tradition began (the first time a tradition is engaged it is hardly thought of as a tradition, and perhaps given even less consideration in terms of being worth documenting) the order presented here is a rough estimate.


This exhibit was created by Caitlin Lamb, with assistance from Phil Bantin